Laughing gas is one of the most traditional and safest forms of sedation and we are proud to offer this to our anxious patients. We use Master Flux Smart from Techno-Gaz

Laughing Gas is Nitrous Oxide – an odourless, colourless non-flammable gas

Used during dental procedures as a sedative, it helps relieve anxiety before a procedure and allows the patient to relax.

A plastic mask will be placed over your nose and the gas will flow through when you breathe in through your nose.

You will start to feel the affects of laughing gas within a few minutes. However you will not be asleep and will still be able to talk, ask questions, and follow instructions throughout the procedure. Once it kicks in, you might feel happy, giggly or light-headed but most just relaxed.

After the procedure the dentist administers 100% oxygen for a few minutes. This washes out all the affects of the laughing gas.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Although laughing gas will relax you and has a pain-nubming affect, you still need injections.

Yes! The affects of the lauhing gas will be washed out with 100% oxygen administered after the treatment.

Yes, laughing gas is perfectly safe, provided you are in good general health.