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This was the best experience I ever had at a dentist. The reason for my visit was a broken tooth which already had an inlay. My expectations were exceeded as it was all fixed perfectly in ONE single session. The staff was really friendly and professional.

Jaco / Google
Thank you Dr. Rita Nel and your team for the great experience and quality service I received.
I am pleased with your professional and personable service.
Your associate dentist is the first dentist who paused to ask me if anything hurt and it was the first time I had totally pain-free dentistry.
Shaun / Facebook

Excellent professional service for a family that was dead scared of a dentist. Dr Zander is so accommodating even play your favourite music during the appointment. Also have to mention the technology they use are absolutely the newest and great experience overall

Petrie / What Clinic

Restoration with CEREC®

  • When a tooth is restored, we expect the tooth to be as functional as before the cavity occurred. 
  • When a cavity is wide and deep, an ordinary one-visit filling is inadequate to restore the tooth (food impaction and fractures). 
  • A cast or milled restoration is then indicated to ensure the fit of the filling and shape of the tooth. 
  • The process:
    • Preparing the tooth and removing all decay / old filling.
    • Scanning with the CEREC® PrimeScan.
    • Design by the dental technician.
    • Milling on the CEREC® MCX milling machine.
    • Cementation and polishing.
  • This process takes 45 – 90 minutes.


Why Choose Single Visit Restorations?

This cutting-edge approach not only saves you time but also offers a host of benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for temporary restorations
  • Fewer injections and less discomfort
  • Conserves more of your natural tooth
  • Provides durable, long-lasting results with a five-year guarantee (subject to conditions)
  • Metal-free for a natural appearance
  • Uses biocompatible materials

Whether you’re addressing damage, decay, or old metal fillings, achieve a beautiful, healthy smile in just one visit with Smile Solutions.