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This was the best experience I ever had at a dentist. The reason for my visit was a broken tooth which already had an inlay. My expectations were exceeded as it was all fixed perfectly in ONE single session. The staff was really friendly and professional.

Jaco / Google
Thank you Dr. Rita Nel and your team for the great experience and quality service I received.
I am pleased with your professional and personable service.
Your associate dentist is the first dentist who paused to ask me if anything hurt and it was the first time I had totally pain-free dentistry.
Shaun / Facebook

Excellent professional service for a family that was dead scared of a dentist. Dr Zander is so accommodating even play your favourite music during the appointment. Also have to mention the technology they use are absolutely the newest and great experience overall

Petrie / What Clinic


Causes of tooth ache could be:

  • decay
  • abscess
  • gum disease
  • impacted teeth (wisdom teeth)
  • trauma
  • grinding (bruxism)

Tooth ache could be severe or mild, but should never be ignored.

If any symptoms are experienced, immediately contact us. Our diagnostic consultation provides us with information to diagnose the problem.

Post-operative pain

  • After dental procedures like fillings or extractions, it’s normal to experience some mild pain. This usually dissipates after a few days. 
  • In some cases, the use of common painkillers like paracetamol, ibuprofen, or anti-inflammatory drugs will be sufficient. Always know you can contact the dentists personally on their cell phones.